Month: February 2020

sekedar coretan dinding

Image Creation with Photofiltre

Step by Step Getting started Download and install PhotoFiltre ( Free software „PhotoFiltre 7“ You can download it here: ). Open PhotoFiltre. (Image Creation with Photofiltre ) Open the image Open the photo using “File – Open” or [Ctrl+O]. Save as Save the image using “File – Save as…” [Shift+Ctrl+S]. Re-name the file with…
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Stakeholders Definition : Individuals, groups, institutions and organizations which (should) help to implement and sustain the project and/or will likely be affected by the project. Public Sector (Government agencies, research Institutes), Private Sector (e.g trade organisations, logging associations, indivisual companies); civil society (e.d (indigenous) communities, NGO’s). Stakeholders are both suppliers and users of information. Stakeholder…
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3 Elemen Produk Wisata Alam

Sudah lama ga nulis, kali ini saya akan posting tentang 3 elemen produk wisata alam, apa saja 3 elemen produk wisata alam? Langsung aja kita simak yuu… Atraksi : Atraksi adalah segala sesuatu yang dapat mendorong atau memotivasi target pelanggan untuk berkunjung. Kategori Atraksi Wisata Alam : Buatan Tuhan Dengan contoh diantaranya : Pantai, Gunung,…
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