Image Creation with Photofiltre

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Image Creation with Photofiltre

Step by Step
Getting started
Download and install PhotoFiltre ( Free software „PhotoFiltre 7“ You can download it here: ). Open PhotoFiltre. (Image Creation with Photofiltre )
Open the image
Open the photo using “File – Open” or [Ctrl+O].

Save as
Save the image using “File – Save as…” [Shift+Ctrl+S]. Re-name the file with a name indicating the content of the image and/or the location in the learning content.
Now you can begin editing your image.

Steps (Cont’)
Reducing the file dimensions To alter the file dimensions (width and height), go to the “Image – Image size” menu item or [Ctrl+H].
Reduce the dimensions to your needs. As the ratio between width and

height should be maintained, you will only need to alter one dimension,
the other one will be adapted automatically. Click OK to finish.

Saving your work
“File – Save” [Ctrl+S] saves your work. Photofiltre will create a file with the ending .pfi which is the proprietary Photofiltre file format.

Adding text
“Layer – New – Text” or [Ctrl+T] will open a window where you can type and format your text (“Text” pane). Type and format the text you wish to add to the image.
Behind” the “Text” pane there is the “Effects” pane where you can find further design features.
Click OK to finish the text design.

Now, a text layer has been added to the image “background”.
In case you wish to re-design the text, just double-click on the text layer on the left part of your canvas to re-enter the “Text” pane.

Save as JPEG or GIF file

To create an output of the image, use “File – Save as…” Shift+Ctrl+S]. Store the image as JPEG (JPG) or GIF file
by choosing the “Save as type” in the list. Click “Save”.

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